Huge Thank You

Just over two weeks on from our official launch of the website and we thought we would bring you our second blog post.

This post is a thank you –  a huge huge thank you to our existing and new followers on our social media platforms for their wonderful feedback on the website – this has been overwhelming. We have reached out to around 11,000 people generating lots of exciting new interest.

Over the last few weeks we have continued working hard to update and complete the website, both the shop side and the other pages. We want to keep hearing from you lovely folks about anything else you’d like to see on the website.

The shop will be getting regular updates, bringing you different stock, so please do keep checking in. Remember you can shop safely and securely online with us as the website uses the Stripe card payment software. We don’t receive any of your bank or card details.

We have also taken part in our first online market, hosted by “You Said Yes” where we got to showcase some of our wonderful stock alongside some other fabulous businesses reaching out to an audience of around 1400 people. If you missed out, please go along to their page on Facebook and see the “Online Stalls”.

We feel very lucky where we are moored currently to have been blessed with wonderful weather over the last week, allowing us to get some of those little jobs done on the boat and continue with our stock photography work for the shop, and along with the rest of the country outside our boat door on a Thursday night clapping for our front line workers.

There are plans to bring you some interesting blogs over the next few months about what life is like to live onboard a narrowboat.

As the nation is split, with some people off work, protecting themselves and their families from the current situation and others working hard on the front line, we felt one thing we maybe all enjoy during down time is a book, wether it be electronically or traditional paper.

Our waterway related recommendations on books you may enjoy reading during lockdown for a little nosey into life on the water:

Narrowboat Nomads
by Steve Haywood

Christmas at the Beach Hut
by Veronica Henry

Hope you can enjoy these – let us know if you read them

Any small independent businesses reading this, we would also like to hear from you – maybe joint blog post…

Don’t forget before you leave to drop us a message on this page, we can’t wait to hear from you. We leave you with this tranquil photo to enjoy taken last week from the back of Jenny Wren.

Stay Safe All,

With Love,

The Bird Box Team
Col & Andrea

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  1. Rob Bennett says:

    So lovely to know that some people still maintain honest values. Colin kindly handed my wallet intact today to Nantwich police station after I’d dropped it along the local towpath. Panic over now. Thank you once again Colin. Rob.

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